HarroWall Bookings Now LIVE!!

We’ve now got our bookings system up and running. From kids parties to adult induction sessions you can now view and book online.

Regular Kids Clubs

Our Kids Clubs are for young climbers 8-14yrs that what to get into a fun sport. Our sessions will introduce them to the sport of climbing and look to develop the basic ABC skills – Agility, Balance & Co-ordination. Find out more information on our Kids Clubs here>>

Krazy Climb Sessions

If you are 6 yrs and up & love climbing anything and everything then the Krazy Climb elements are for you (and your kids)! From volcanoes to the jungle we have lots of different elements for a kid of any age to enjoy themselves on. All these sessions are with one of our instructors and offer children and adults the chance to climb some unique features while having fun. Find out about times  for our krazy climb sessions here>>

Birthday Parties

We offer Birthday parties for kids aged 6 and above. They’ll get a bespoke session from our amazing instructors which will involve games as well as the amazing Krazy Climb elements. If you want to check dates please check our availability, and find out more info, here >>


We’ve got lots for adults to do within HarroWall. If you’ve not been before and want to learn more about bouldering then why not book an Adult bouldering induction session? If you are already a member and want to learn more about the Auto-Belays we have, you can book an introductory course. All the times and info on these sessions can be found here>>