Results from The Big Comp

The Big Comp took place on Saturday 15th September and what a competition it was!

This was our first time utilising the size and space of HarroWall to run a massive competition that would allow us to host both a Junior and Senior qualification with Grand Finals. We wanted The Big Comp to be an event that would make everyone happy and proud to be a part of. We are ecstatic with the feedback and smiles we saw throughout the day, all helping to make it a massive success for both the staff and all the competitors who travelled far and wide to come be a part of it. The early start for many of the Juniors was rewarded with an amazing Final held on our huge competition wall. Watched by a big crowd, the Junior Male & Females put on a great show and it was fantastic to see the Juniors having fun on their own specially set Finals.


Junior Scores

Junior Qualifier Scores can be found online here >>

Junior Final Scores can be found online here >>


As the Junior Finals took place on our massive competition wall, the Seniors started their qualification circuit. The Juniors and Seniors (Male & Female) both had a 25 circuit specially set circuit to test themselves on which included a couple of unique, one day only, problems that were a bit different from the norm.


The top 6 scores from both Male & Female went through to the Finals. For the Senior Finals we turned off the lights, turned up the DJ, and got ready for a great display of climbing from the Finalists. We saw some big move problems alongside some serious slab technique for both Male & Females. In the end it came down to the Final problem with the top qualifiers both knowing that a top would seal the win for them. Both duly obliged with impressive flashes of a tough problem that no other Finalist could contend with.

Senior Scores

Senior Qualifier Scores can be found online here >>

Senior Final Scores can be found online here >>

We’ll like to thank all the sponsors and supporters of the event for their help in putting on a great show: Arcteryx, Scarpa, Beta Setting, Tenaya, Evolv, Duchy Arms, Blocz holds, 360 holds, Simpl holds, Blue Pill holds, Cheeta, Squandra, Flathold, Rhino Skin, Hard Bars & Dan Scott Physio. They all provided prizes or products that helped make The Big Comp a big success.

We’re already looking forward to next years which will be held 21st September 2019. We’ll also be hosting BlocFest on 17th November and our next HarroComp on 24th November (lots of comps!!).

Check out our Facebook page for more photos from the day. Visit our Instagram page for some short videos of some of the unique problems.