HarroComp #FirstBirthday – One Year Old Celebration

SATURDAY: 9th March 2019 – 12:00 to 17:00

JOIN US to celebrate the 1st year of HarroWall being open!

To celebrate we’re hosting our wonderful HarroComp  with both a fun (25 problems V0-V5) and main (30 problems V0-Vhard) competition. We’ll have amazing problems across the centre that anyone cane take part in. The day will be a celebration of our first year and we’ll be giving away loads of prizes on the day. We’ll also be hosting a Tenaya Shoe Demo,
BIRTHDAY CAKE (FREE slice of cake if you sign up to the event beforehand at https://www.scorecard.info/en/harrowall/harrocomp-1st-birthday-edition!), top tunes and some one-day only problems that you can ONLY climb as part of the competition.

Join us from 12:00 – 17:00 for a great party and celebrate one year of HarroWall being open.

Entry on the day will be £10 at Peak times (11am-6pm) and normal off-peak prices around those times. Entry to the competition is FREE and you can pick up a scorecard on the day or even better use the electronic version at Vertical Life

We look forward to seeing you here on the day