Team Comp at HarroWall – Sat 18th May

Hot on the heels of The League Finals we’ve got another comp coming your way! This one has got a bit of a twist though – this time the Winners will be a Team.

The Team Comp is something different, it’s all about getting 3 of your friends and working together as a team to maximise your score. The team must be mixed gender and all 4 scores will be added up to see who wins.

The top prize is a pair of climbing shoes for each member of the winning team!! We’ll have prizes for 2nd & 3rd also and a random (picked from the pile) team will also win a prize.

The Comp Wall will be where the Team Comp will take place with a whole load of new problems set to test yourself on. There will also be a Fun Comp taking place in the rest of the centre so loads of climbing to be done. We’ll also have Evolv & Scarpa in the house with a Shoe Demo so you can test the latest and best shoes from these amazing brands.

Read below for more on what is going on and all the info you need to know:

When does it start? 12 – 5pm

How much does it cost to enter – individually and as a team? £10pp to enter the comp (includes Entry to centre)

How do I  pre-register a team? No pre-registration needed! Just turn up on the day to sign in. 

What if I don’t have 4 people? Come anyway! We will help you find some new friends. 

What if I don’t have a team? Can I still climb? Of course! But to win you must be part of a team.

Where are the problems situated? The Main Stage! Our beautiful competition wall 

What grade are they? V0 – V9

Is the fun comp part of the Team Comp? The Fun Comp is V0 – V5 and takes place throughout the rest of the centre, winners decided by prize draw at the end of the day. The Team Comp is replacing our usual Main Comp on the Comp Wall and is not part of the fun comp. 

Can our Team do the Fun Comp? Do we get to win prizes? There will be prizes for both the Fun Comp and the Team Comp – but the Fun Comp is done by prize draw. 

How do the Team Comp scores work? Enter as a team, win as a team. Your team score is the total of each individuals scores within the team.  

What if a team member drops out on the day – can we replace them? There will be climbers around who will probably will happy to join your team if you ask nicely! Our friendly staff will help you approach people. 

Can we make a team up on the day? Absolutely! Just be sure to make up a team name, too!

Is it only the top team that wins the prizes? Only the top team wins the top prize – shoes for each member of that team! However, there will still be prizes for 2nd and 3rd place teams. 

What is the prize? CLIMBING SHOES! Enter as a team, win as a team. Your entire team will win a pair of climbing shoes EACH. 

Can we have an all-girl team? All teams must be mixed!

I’m 12, can I be in a team? Yes, so long as you’re being appropriately supervised by a signed off supervisor. 

What else is going on? What else ISN’T going on. We have TWO shoe demos – Evolv & Scarpa in the house.