BlokFest – 16th November 2019: Centre Closed

We welcome back BlokFest to HarroWall on Saturday 16th November with Round 1 being held here as in 2018.

The centre shall be CLOSED ALL DAY to the public for climbing and that Climbing will only be allowed for BlokFest competitors.

Tickets are still available for blokfest if you want to come climb and take part in an always fun competition. Just visit their website for more details.

You are welcome to come and watch the Big Final which is free to watch and kicks off at 6pm. Come on down and watch some top competitors & have some tasty food from our Cafe. You won’t be able to climb but you can watch some amazing climbing taking place.

Please note that are Krazy Climb, Caving and Hard Play areas will be OPEN as normal.

HarroWallwill be OPEN AS NORMAL on Sunday 17th November – 0900 to 2100.