HarroWall Re-Opening 25th July at 09:00

HarroWall reopens at 9 am on Saturday 25th July. Initially this will be just for independent climbing but we will bring in an adapted instruction programme ASAP. HarroWall is huge so the Centre’s government mandated COVID capacity to allow for socially-distanced bouldering is 250 climbers, meaning that we can comfortably operate without implementing a booking system. Prior to lockdown the only times we got close to 250 were event days so there is no chance of getting close to that in the coming months.⁣

We will be encouraging maximum three-hour visits during busy times and you will need to check out so our Live counter is accurate. You will also be able to view this Counter on our website to give you the confidence to visit before you set off.⁣

Our sister walls, VauxWall West & East as well as RavensWall, will all require website booking before arrival to climb. CroyWall will be similar to HarroWall and have no booking system.⁣

More detail to follow on how we will make our centre COVID-secure for you and the team via a newsletter on Friday 17th July.

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