Are you brave enough to tackle Europe’s longest indoor cave!!! At 170m, our man made bespoke Caving system offers a challenge and fun for anyone of any age 6 years and older. Full of twists, turns, ups & downs, the HarroWall Cave offers a full body experience as you squeeze, crawl and maneuver your way through it. You’ll pass through tight squeezes to open up into caverns and wells. There are other delights you’ll discover as you brave the cave!

You’ll be guided through with the assistance of our experienced instructors who know all 170m of the Cave. Participants will be given helmets, headtorches and knee pads. Come explore Europe’s largest indoor cave!

It is recommended that you come along with a Caving Buddy to support each other whilst caving!

Watch the video below to see what to expect when you brave the cave!