Here at HarroWall we are happy to welcome children under 18 & we offer many activities to keep a child of any age active. Please read below or use the menu to the left to choose an activity.


Please email [email protected] with any enquires or questions about bookings in the future.



One-Off Sessions / Kids Clubs:

HarroWall offers a number of instructed sessions that will cater for active kids – those who love to climb over and under anything and everything.


Age 1 to 10:

Check out our amazing Hard Play area with its very own dragon!

We also have the fantastic Rock Tots and Rock Kids sessions which are a must for any climbing toddler.


Age 6yrs & up:



Book your child onto one of our fantastic Krazy Climb sessions. Watch the film below to see what they are all about:


You can also book your child onto Europe’s LONGEST Indoor Cave! At 170m your child will squeeze, crawl and explore the stunning artificial cave. Can your kids brave the cave?


Age 7yrs & up

On top of Krazy Climb and Caving, kids 8yrs+ can also take part in our drop-in Kids Club bouldering sessions that will introduce your child to the sport of bouldering.

If your kids get the climbing bug then you can book them onto our super popular NIBAS sessions. This is a national award scheme that will teach them the key ABC’s to an active life: Agility, Balance & Co-ordination. all while in a fun, supportive environment.


Please use the menu to the left to find out more information on a particular session and information on how to book, all of which be done online.

If you’re struggling to find the right information please contact us at [email protected]  or 0203 026 4960.


Using the UK’s Largest Bouldering Centre Area

For under 14 years old the only way to climb in the main bouldering area is when they are being supervised by a competent Adult.

If you, as the adult, are not happy to supervise them in this way then please check out our kids club offering.

If you wish to be a supervising adult then you must first be registered at HarroWall (or any LCC London Centre) as a Bouldering Supervisor. There are two ways to become a Bouldering Supervisor:

1) Already an experienced adult climber:

  • Register at LCC London if not already a member. You also must register the under 18 prior to your visit to HarroWall.
  • Download the Supervisor Assessment and bring it with you on your next visit at the Centre, where a member of the team will check it and update your profile.

2) First time adult climber / minimal experience of climbing:

  • Book a  bouldering induction session with an Instructor. This session will get you climbing in our centre and teach you everything you need to know about becoming a bouldering supervisor. Please let the instructor know at the start of the session that you want to become a bouldering supervisor and then will make sure they cover all the key points and answer any of your questions.



If you are between 14 and 17 years old, you can climb in our Centre unsupervised. To climb unsupervised in the Centre there is a strict procedure to follow.

You have to complete and pass an Unsupervised Junior Boulderer Assessment in addition to:

  • 14 & 15 year olds: Your parent or legal guardian must accompany you on your visit to receive a briefing.
  • 16 & 17 year olds: Do not require parental visit but we reserve the right to call parents to verify consent and your parent/legal guardian must have signed the unsupervised junior boulder assessment and registered yourself prior your visit at HarroWall.

In any case the UNDER 18 MUST be pre-registered by their parent/legal guardian through our online registration form before visiting the Centre.


If you do have any further queries please call us at 020 3026 4960