Rock Tots

The hugely popular Rock Tots and Rock Kids program is coming to London. These exciting climbing classes will be delivered at both HarroWall, the biggest bouldering centre in the UK and the fantastic VauxWall West bouldering centre.


What is Rock Tots?

Our program gives children from 1 to 6yrs the opportunity to nurture natural instincts, develop new skills and build confidence, all with the support of our dedicated climbing coaches.


What Classes are on offer?

Rock Tots classes are for 1-4yr.  All children will need a supervising adult with them throughout the class.  (Older children, up to the age of 6yr, can also come to this class if accompanying a younger sibling).

Rock Kids classes are for 3-6yr.  All children will need a supervising adult with them throughout the class. (Younger children, can also come to this class if accompanying an older sibling).




VauxWall: Tuesday 20th November

HarroWall: Thursday 22nd November


Classes are £8.00 for one child and one adult. A second child, over 12 months will be £4.50.


This one off Rock Tots and Rock Kids induction will need to be completed by all supervising adults, prior to their first class.  Please book this when booking the first class

Induction is a one off cost of £5



  • We take payment on the day of booking.
  • You will need to book a week in advance.
  • To book, go to the bottom of this page and book online. You can also call the centre during opening times or in person at the centre.
  • 14 days cancellation policy applies.
  • Waiting lists will be in place when the classes are fully booked.



One adult can supervise up to two children during a Rock Tots/Kids session; the Rock Tots/Kids Induction does not allow the adult to become a supervisor for the rest of the centre; please ask staff for more details regarding this, or see the website here and scroll down to “Juniors (17 and under)”.

We will be running throughout school term times; note, not during school holidays.