Auto-Belay Induction Video

If you wish to use the auto-belays at HarroWall then you must first register and pass a competency test with a member of staff at HarroWall reception. The competency test checks your awareness of the rules and your understanding of best practices when using the HarroWall auto-belays. These are outlined in the video below and we highly recommend that all climbers wishing to use our auto-belays watch it.

Even if you have previously used auto-belays elsewhere the below video will provide a great introduction to HarroWall.

If you have NEVER used an auto-belay before or are not confident in using the system at HarroWall, you can book an Auto-Belay introduction course with one of our great instructors on our Adult Sessions page.

HarroWall Auto-Belay Video

HarroWall Auto Belay Induction Video from The Lakeland Climbing Centre on Vimeo.