The Centre

As the UK’s largest bouldering centre, HarroWall has been designed to set new benchmarks for indoor climbing. Whether an adult keen to stay healthy and fit but bored of the normal gym to children looking to take their first climbing  steps.

HarroWall is BIG!! Our c.40,000 sq ft centre has climbing activities for people of all ages and abilities. Whether you have never climbed before or you are a seasoned pro, HarroWall aims to cater for all your climbing desires!

Our convenient location in NW London on the Metropolitan line and close to the M1, M25 and M40 means you can access the centre easily from anywhere in the South of England. We have a range of fantastic facilities and extended opening hours that will always ensure you get your climbing fix.

HarroWall is primarily a climbing centre with its main objective of encouraging people of all ages to experience the wonderful sport of climbing. The Centre is predominantly devoted to low level climbing (bouldering) with problems ranging from those for beginners through to the hardest problems in the country. It is currently the largest bouldering Centre in the UK and has a huge range of training and gym facilities aimed at the climber who wants to get fitter, stronger and better at the sport. In addition to bouldering, the Centre offers the following:

  • Large auto-belay wall with 10 lines of 7 metres in length. This offers customers the chance to climb longer routes with the security and ease of an auto-belay for lowering back down to the ground;
  • Routing roof which provides climbing at a 60 degree overhanging angle up to 10 metres in length;
  • Largest indoor cave in Europe at 170 metres with multiple challenges of an underground and squeezing nature! (currently CLOSED due to Covid-19 Secure guidelines)
  • Krazy Climb facility which offers 12 highly accessible fun and whacky climbing challenges. It also contains The Death Slide and The Nearly-Death Slide to finish off the experience!
  • Hard Play Area containing a castle, with battlements, a fearsome, smoke-breathing dragon and a rope bridge and slide for 3-8 year olds. This is NOT a soft play facility but rather a junior introduction to climbing and caving in a fun environment with hard surfaces and structures. Please read new COVID-19 secure guidelines here >>
  • Soft Play Area which is only small but can keep under 3’s happy whilst elder siblings enjoy the other facilities. Please read new COVID-19 secure guidelines here >>
  • Cafe serving the very best in hot drinks, snacks, pizzas and paninis.
  • Climbing Shop with the very latest in footwear, clothes and equipment;
  • Large meeting rooms for parties and corporate groups;
  • Changing rooms and showers;
  • Limited free parking denoted explicitly with HarroWall Parking signs but this will fill quickly at busy times so we would strongly encourage journeys by public transport, cycling or walking. More information available here

There is so much to HarroWall that you’ll just have to come and explore…but in the meantime you can get an idea of the vastness of the centre with our Virtual Tour below. Explore the centre and see the amount of space on offer to any keen climber!

If you want to see more images and find out more about what we are doing right now, check out our social media posts below:

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HarroWall is part of LCC London. Our other London walls are VauxWest and VauxEast both situated in central London. We also have RavensWall in West London, CroyWall in South London & CanaryWall in East London. The first LCC wall is based in Kendal in the Lake District.